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Shungite Elite Keychain - Real Shungite - Next Level
Shungite Elite Keychain

Shungite Elite Keychain

The Elite Shungite is a very rare mineral and has stronger properties than the original Shungite. This powerful mineral is known for its protective effect against harmful radiation. Everyone in our society has to deal with these harmful rays from telephones, microwaves and computers, among other things.

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Shungite Elite Keychain

Shungite has a cleansing and detoxifying effect on the body, products and the space. The Elite Shungite has a quality that is seventy to one hundred percent stronger. This allows this keystone to be used for more intense purposes.

The elite Shungite stone has been used in experiments and has successfully passed certain tests in the class of EMF radiation. Because of this the Elite Shungite offers a lot of protection for those who work in a radiation related field such as the radiation wards in a hospital. Also the previously stored EMF radiations in the body are cleansed by the stone.

Our Shungite, the very highest quality findable, is mined from the Zazhoginsky mine in the republic of Karelia, Russia.

This robust, beautiful key ring can be attached to anything by means of the click-clack. This way you can optimally benefit from the powerful effects of this elite Shungite wherever you are.