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Ginkgo Biloba - 50g - Herbs & Seeds - Next Level
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Ginkgo Biloba - 50g

Ginkgo Biloba provides a good blood circulation stimulation in the body and the brain. Users often experience an increase in concentration. Ginkgo Biloba also affects the state of mind and is regularly used against a negative mood.

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Ginkgo Biloba is also known under the names Japanese Nut tree or Japanese Temple tree, this tree is the abbreviation for ginkgo.
The Ginkgo tree got his nickname because the tree came from China to Japan together with Buddhism. Since then the trees were grown near the temples, which gave it the name Temple Tree. The tree in its origin comes from China, these trees are cultivated here since they no longer grow in the wild.

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The leaves are used to create a stimulating effect, this has a positive stimulatory effect on the brains. Ginkgo Biloba can also increase mental alertness and the product is suitable for everyday use.
The use of this product by people with kidney or heart problems, high or low blood pressure, diabetes and people under the influence of drugs is definitely not recommended. If in doubt, contact your doctor!

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Ginkgo Biloba