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19 Rapé Incense Powder Huni Kuin Cumaru - Rapé - Next Level
19 Rapé Incense Powder Huni Kuin Cumaru

19 Rapé Incense Powder Huni Kuin Cumaru

Experience deep grounding and almost a trance-like state by immersing yourself into the mysterious and natural world of Huni Kuin tribe. They say that Cumaru, a tree who’s ashes have been used in this rapé, is a tree that never rots. Cumaru is believed to possess a unique wisdom and power to offer spiritual protection.

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Rapé Cumaru

Since Cumaru tree is known to offer great wisdom and spiritual protection, it is the perfect medicine to ward off 'evil eye'. Since Huni Kuin rapé can be a little drying, it's best suited for occasional use. Allow Cumaru to take you on a deep, spiritual, and trance-like journey!

Rapé is a sacred shamanic ‘medicine’ that has been used by healers of tribes for thousands of years and is an essential part of their tribal culture and history. Rapé (pronounced Ha-pee) is ideal for ceremonies such as Ayahuasca or other Forest Medicines. Also called ‘Dust of the Ancients’, rapé blends have been made according to traditional recipes that are made and protected by highly respected medicine men and women of the tribes. The local people turn to rapé for clarity, focus, spiritual cleansing, gaining insight and energy, clearing negative thoughts, and helping them with their daily lives and tasks.

Huni Kuin Tribe

The name Huni Kuin means ‘true people’ or ‘the genuine people’ – the people of an indigenous tribe in the state of Acre, Brazil. During the massive forest fires in 2019, their community suffered, and they are determined to reforest their areas and preserve their culture and knowledge about their natural medicine. Huni Kuin people strongly believe in living in harmony with the forest. They hunt their food locally, gather plant foods while growing crops, and they make their own necessities by weaving baskets, carving tools from wood, creating ceramics, makings canoes, and weapons, and so much more. Huni Kuin is a warrior tribe, fighting for their land, and the protection of nature. By buying this rapé, you can support the tribe of Huni Kuin people.

Slight variations in rapé

Although rapé is made by following a certain recipe, the recipe is seen more so as a guideline rather than something ‘written in stone’. A shaman or medicine man will sometimes slightly alter the ratio of ingredients or the harvest time by following his/her intuition. Please keep in mind that due to the natural qualities of ingredients used in rapé, each batch can naturally vary in strength, scent, or color.


In our journey to create a product that is as sustainable as possible, we chose to use glass bottles instead of plastic ones. We strive to contribute as little as possible to the production of plastic (waste), therefore, we would like to ask everyone to keep the delivered Rapé jars and reuse them for other purposes. We are also in the process of developing a recycling program for glass bottles.