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Agua Sacral - Sacred Cleansing Water - Colognes - Next Level
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Agua Sacral - Sacred Cleansing Water

A powerful spiritual cleansing water used in shamanic practices to activate high frequencies, create sacred spaces, and connect with higher realms.

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Agua Sacral 250ml

Agua Sacral is a legendary spiritual cleansing water with origins dating back to ancient times. This powerful blend contains 10 pure essential oils, including Palo Santo oil, alcohol of natural South American origin, and other secret ingredients. Created through alchemistic techniques and a special blending process, Agua Sacral is a unique and magical product.

Used in various shamanic practices, Agua Sacral is known for its ability to clean spaces energetically, activate high frequency levels, open gates, and create sacred spaces. It is often used during initiations to make contact with one's higher self and spirits, and to activate magical powers.

Agua Sacral has a strong energy and an intense, intricate scent. It can be sprinkled in spaces for spiritual cleansing and creating a sacred atmosphere.

Experience the power of Agua Sacral and elevate your spiritual practices to the next level.

Used for

-Energetic cleaning of spaces (as with Florida Water)
-Protection against negative forces
-Activating high frequencies
-Opening portals
-At initiations, a.o. Munay Ki
-Connect with your higher self
-Creating sacred spaces
-Activate magical powers
-To Contact spirits

Note: It is not intended for internal use and should be kept out of reach of children. Avoid contact with skin and eyes, and be careful around open fire.