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44 Rapé Incense Powder Yawanawa Kanaro - Rapé - Next Level
44 Rapé Incense Powder Yawanawa Kanaro

44 Rapé Incense Powder Yawanawa Kanaro

Yawanawa Kanaro is inspired by a beautiful bird Blue Macaw, a messenger from the sacral plane of Yawanawa. This rapé will focus and sharpen your mind, clear and detoxify your body, all while also providing a calming effect throughout this process thanks to the grounding Ashes of Tsunu. A very clear rapé that will help to get things in perspective!

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10g [Jar]
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50 grams [bulk]
77,27 €
100 grams [bulk]
150,00 €
500 grams (bulk)
731,40 €

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Rapé Yawanawa Kanaro

The maker of this rapé is Shaneihu, grandson of the famous Pajé Yawa. He was the last person to do a one-year long Muka initiation diet accompanied by his grandfather before he passed away. This is a very serious and intense diet that gives spiritual credibility to anyone fulfilling it, and this rapé certainly proves it by providing an amazing sense of clarity and focus.

To also experience Shaneihu's music, click on the link below, and enjoy it on Spotify!

Yawanawa Tribe

The Yawanawá inhabit the southern part of the Gregório River Indigenous Land, and are currently led by Tashka and Laura Yawanawa, a couple that have worked hard to expand Yawanawa territory, reinvigorate Yawanawa culture, and establish economically and socially empowering relationships with the outside world. The whole community and their allies fight for their right to their land, and try very hard to preserve their home, nature, and the forest. Yawanawa tribes live in harmony with the natural world, and they send a strong message to the outside world about the importance of preserving the forests and being in harmony with nature. The Yawanawa have a profound knowledge in their shamanic system kept by their initiates and shamans. The study of Yawanawa spirituality begins with prayers, diets, and intense initiation. Rapé has a central role in their culture as it is one of their main preparations of strength and power. By buying this rapé, you can support the tribes of Yawanawa people.

Slight variations in rapé

Although rapé is made by following a certain recipe, the recipe is seen more so as a guideline rather than something ‘written in stone’. A shaman or medicine man will sometimes slightly alter the ratio of ingredients or the harvest time by following his/her intuition. Please keep in mind that due to the natural qualities of ingredients used in rapé, each batch can naturally vary in strength, scent, or color.


In our journey to create a product that is as sustainable as possible, we chose to use glass bottles instead of plastic ones. We strive to contribute as little as possible to the production of plastic (waste), therefore, we would like to ask everyone to keep the delivered Rapé jars and reuse them for other purposes. We are also in the process of developing a recycling program for glass bottles.