Smudging & Incense Blue Sage - 2 Smudge Sticks € 9,50
Smudging & Incense Blue Sage - 2 Smudge Sticks € 9,50 Smudging & Incense Blue Sage - 2 Smudge Sticks € 9,50 Smudging & Incense Blue Sage - 2 Smudge Sticks € 9,50

Blue Sage - 2 Smudge Sticks

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Blauwe salie wordt ook Grijze Salie of Rocky Mountain Salie genoemd, maar de kleur is lichtgrijs blauw en het aroma is van zoete berglucht en een lichte frisse geur. Inhoud: 2 Smudge sticks

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  • Blue Sage / Blauwe Salie Smudge Sticks

    Blue Sage Smudge Sticks

    Blue Sage
    Blue Sage is known as "Grandmother Sage". Blue sage is also called Gray Salie or Rocky Mountain Salie, but the color is light gray blue and the aroma is of sweet mountain air and a light fresh smell. It is sweeter and softer than the White Salie White sage can have a very intense smell for some people. Salvia (Salvia apiana) is traditionally used to transform negative energies, cleaning people or cleaning places. The sage smoke neutralizes positive ions in our auras and spaces. Use it to clean, clean and protect people and places. Blue Sage is also very earthy.

    Simply use one end of the Smudgestick. Let it burn until it starts to smoke and quench the flame. Accompany the smoke with a Feather. The fragrant smoke spread through space. You can use the stick several times by extinguishing it in a refractory dish or abalone shell. The use of an Abalone shell ensures the presence of all four elements. The abalone shell stands for the element of water. The smudge ignites fire, the smoke released is air and the smudge itself represents the element earth.

    Remember: if you're smudged, ask for the spirit of the sacred plants for help. These should be respected for their healing properties. 

    NLNaturals has been started by the need of the Next Level community for new natural products. NLNaturals has been growing and growing ever since. With our own line of Smudging herbs, Kanna, LSA Seeds, Kratom, Rapé, Cacao and more. NLNaturals brings products under its own management, which makes the price more favorable to all.

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