Smudge & incense Palo Santo Chips - BULK € 10,95
Smudge & incense Palo Santo Chips - BULK € 10,95 Smudge & incense Palo Santo Chips - BULK € 10,95

Palo Santo Chips - BULK

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Delicious Palo Santo Chips! Palo Santo also known as Holy Wood is often used for meditation, purification, improving the energy flow in the body and warding off negative energy. Our Palo Santo contains more fragrance and is more humid than the standard Palo Santo that is offered. Bulk!

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    • Palo Santo - Holy Wood BULK

      High quality Palo Santo.

      Our Palo Santo comes directly from Peru. The Holy Wood comes from the Andean area and is naturally recovered from branches or trees that have fallen over. The Palo Santo contains more flavor and is humidier than the standard Palo Santo that is offered.

      What is palo Santo
      Palo Santo (Sacred Wood) is a species of wood used for generations by shamans and medical professionals in South America at ceremonies, rituals, healing and purification sessions to clean up the negative environment. In daily life, the Palo Santo Wood is mainly used to clean spaces and objects energetically, similar to white sage.
      Many people find that White Salie has an intriguing odor, and therefore increasingly choose Palo Santo. It has a soft, sweet, warm and soothing aroma, and many work at least as well as white sage.

      Stick one end of the stick and let it burn for a few seconds. Then blow out the flame. Continue to glow the stick and spread the magic Palo Santo smoke through space or objects that you want to clean ritually. This creates a positive atmosphere.

    • Origin Peru

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