Welcome to the Next Level Smartshop. The place for all your psychedelics, energizers, drug testing and herbs. You're at the right place to receive new experiences, insights, experiences. The smart shop has a large collection of products such as salvia, magic truffles, mushroom grow kits, kratom, Kanna and even products for ayahuasca. Take the time to see everything and don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions or for advice.

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  • Kratom


    These lovely leaves with white, red or green vains are very potential! Due to its versatility, this plant from Asia is very popular. A strong energy boost with a calm light euphoric mindstate makes you very productive for eg. those last hours of study. Take a higher dose and laid back relax or even fall into a deep sleep. The active substance 'mytraginine' is a real boost and is mainly praised for its analgesic effect. Kratom is available in powder, liquids, extracts or capsules. 

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  • Magic Truffles

    Magic Truffles / Sclerotia

    Step into the delightful world of the "Magic Truffles' and experience a trip that brings you from a philosophical high to a deep colorfull, connected and visionary mind state. Truffles contain the same psychoactive substances (psilocin and psilocybin) as magic mushrooms. Let yourself be taken into their magical and energetic world.

  • Paddo Growkits
  • LSA Seeds
  • Salvia

    Salvia Divinorum

    Salvia divinorum is not comparable to other psychedelics. It is one of the most powerful plants with a psychoactive substance so far as we know. A trip from the Salvia is between subtle and extremely strong. It gives a very intense experience wherein the consciousness changes in a short time. Salvia leaves can be smoked as well as chewed.

  • Kanna


    An energetic boost, mental focus and inhibition of anxiety, stress and depression. Kanna takes the rough edges off. With a low dose it is wonderful to be social and you are physical stimulated. At higher doses this boost skips to a total relaxation of mind and body, making it ideal for meditation. This African native plant will surely do you much good.

  • Mescaline Cacti

    Mescaline cactus

    The hallucinogenic effects of mescaline cacti makes the world look just a bit more colorful. This LSD-like trip natural way of South American origin is still used by Indians such as the Native American Church. Effects are strong to light We have two Mescaline cacti: San Pedro and Peyote. In pot, cutting or loose seeds.

  • After Party

    After Party

    After a party, you can look pretty bad. Our after party products can help you to look and feel better so your day will be a lot brighter!

  • Ethnobotanicals
  • Herbs & Seeds

    Herbs en Seeds

    A wide range of different herbs and seeds. Psychedelic seeds as Yopo and Hawaiian Baby Woodrose. Herbs include Absinth, Guarana and Ginkgo Biloba. 

  • Dream Herbs
  • After Party
  • Formulas
  • Drug tests
  • Libido


    Libido enhancers in order to make a night even more intense, longer and more interesting. We have different aphrodisiacs for men and libido enhancers for women. You will not get enough of eachother!

  • Relaxing

    Relaxing Products

    A selection of our products that provide the ultimate relaxation. After a day of hard work, you've earned some rest! In these hectic times, it is sometimes difficult to let go of everything when you're done working. Our relaxants can make a contribution to your needs to chill! Think of natural resources such as Kratom, CBD Oil, Kanna and other herbs / extracts!

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  • Concentration
  • G-Force Jungle Powder
  • Raw Cacao
  • Tea
  • N20
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    Blood is pressed from Croton Uechleri. Dragon’s Blood is known for t its regeneration properties fort eh skin. Available in 30ml

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    Back in stock!! Available from 50 grams. Mate de Coca powder contains different alkaloids that have a stimulating effect just like coffee, but without the caffeine! It also contains a high concentration of vitamins (B1, B3, B6, B8, C and E) and is also rich in nutrients such as proteins and fibers!

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    Yopo, also known as  Anadenanthera peregrina or Piptadenia peregrina is a tree from where the seeds are used for a psychedelic experience. The use of the Yoposeeds has a long history in shamanic culture in South America. The snuff made of the yopo seeds is called cohoba. It is often blown in the nose using wooden tubes.

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  • 7,50

    The seeds of the Cebil tree are full of psychoactive alkaloids: 5-MeO-DMT and bufotenine. The fabrics have a strong hallucinogenic effect: black / white colors and geometric patterns. Cebil effects are often compared to DMT or LSD but then shorter. To use to make a psychedelic snuff or grow a Cebil tree.

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    This strong Guayusa Extract gives you energy like no other! The Ilex Guayusa leaves used for this tincture are ecologically sourced in Ecuador. The tincture is made of Ilex Guayusa concentrate and 20% alcohol.

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    The Trip Stopper helps to minimize a bad trip. It will not completely stop the effects, but it makes you feel well prepared for your trip. Contents: 2 dextro tablets and 4 Valerian capsules.

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    New recipe: 5x Extract! NLNaturals Black Maca scores strong energy, libido and memory from certain studies. Black Maca is especially good for the men among us. It gives a strong sense of euphoria, relaxation, sharpness and energy. A Next Level Favorite! Available in 50 and 100 grams

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    Rotating Kratom is important for a specific reason: to keep your tolerance low. In this package there are five different kratom types so you can rotate well! Packages available: 5 x 25 grams, 5 x 50 grams, 5 x 100 grams, 5 x 200 grams, 5 x 500 grams, 5 x 1000 grams. 

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