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    The journey to adulthood causes many to lose their connection with nature and its beings, a connection that is so normal and valuable for children. The elf game brings you back in touch in a playful way. You get access to the wisdom, powers and magic that nature beings want to share with us. This game is in DUTCH. 

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    The Native Americans are close to nature. Because of this they have a strong bond with the animal kingdom. That bond is the foundation of the Medicijn Kaarten. The Indians state that animals exhibit behavioral patterns that can be mirrored to yourself. This deck is in Dutch. 

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    A special deck containing ancient universal symbols that can bring clarity to the moments and choices that shape your life. Allow these messages to enter your heart and speak to you. They are the guide that will help you invite the form of your dreams and desires to show up in your life for the highest good of all.

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