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Sananga Rootbark - Matsés Tribe - Shamanism - Next Level
Sananga Rootbark - Matsés Tribe

Sananga Rootbark - Matsés Tribe

Introducing our Sananga Rootbark, sustainably harvested from the Amazon Rainforest by the Matses tribe.

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Sananga Roots from the Matsés Tribe

The Sananga tree (Tabernaemontana undulata) is native to the Amazon region of South America and is highly valued by indigenous communities for its traditional medicinal properties. The Matses tribe, in particular, has a deep understanding of the plant.

Our Sananga Rootbark is harvested from the inner bark of the Sananga tree, which is carefully collected and prepared by the Matses tribe. The bark is then dried and packaged for distribution.

Not only is our Sananga Rootbark sustainably sourced and ethically harvested, but it is also a testament to the knowledge and expertise of the Matses tribe. By purchasing our Sananga Rootbark, you are supporting the preservation of their traditional medicine practices.