Seeds Yopo - 20 Seeds € 6,95
Seeds Yopo - 20 Seeds € 6,95 Seeds Yopo - 20 Seeds € 6,95

Yopo - 20 Seeds

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Yopo, also known as  Anadenanthera peregrina or Piptadenia peregrina is a tree from where the seeds are used for a psychedelic experience. The use of the Yoposeeds has a long history in shamanic culture in South America. The snuff made of the yopo seeds is called cohoba. It is often blown in the nose using wooden tubes.

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  • Yopo

    Yopo has been used for centuries in ritual context in countries like: Brazil, Chile, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Peru and Puerto Rico.

    Yopo can bring you in a psychedelic state that lasts around 15 minutes and wears off over another 30 minutes. Many users also experience some unpleasant side-effects, such as dizziness or headaches. Vomiting can also occur when higher dosages are used. According to ethno botanist Christian Raetsch, the active alkaloids in Yopo are: N,N-DMT, 5-MeO-DMT and 5-HO-DMT (bufotenine).


    The seeds first have to be made into a preparation before they are active and ready for use.

    Heat the seeds in a frying pan using low fire. As soon as the seeds burst, take the pan off the fire. Remove the peel from the inside part and throw away the peel. Heat the inner seeds again on low fire. Pulverize the remains with a coffee grinder or a pestle. Mix 2 parts Yopo with 1 part calcium hydroxide and 1 part baking powder. Add a few drops of water so that it will become a doughy mass. Mix this and slowly heat until the substance becomes dry. Grind or pulverize again, until you have a fine powder. The recommended dose is 1-4 seeds per person.

    If you try this for the first time it is best to start with a low dose, so that you can check how sensitive you are for the substance. It is easiest to blow the powder into each other’s nose, because snorting it does not feel pleasant. Someone who helps you to blow it into your nose will have less difficulty to make you ingest a sufficient amount.


    12 seeds.

    Yopo seeds (Anadenanthera peregrina).


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