Rapé 39 Nukini High Vibration Rapé  € 20,00 Next Level Smartshop Webshop
Rapé 39 Nukini High Vibration Rapé  € 20,00 Next Level Smartshop Webshop Rapé 39 Nukini High Vibration Rapé  € 20,00 Next Level Smartshop Webshop

39 Nukini High Vibration Rapé

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Nukini High Vibration contains Cetico, Brunfelsia grandiflora. The High Vibration is a good Rapé that has never before come into contact with Rapé.

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    • Rapé Nukini High Vibration

      Nukini Cetico and Manaca. The Cetico is the fundation of this Rapé Recipe. The plant is grinded into a fine and pure ash where other sacred plants are then added into it. The Cetico itself contains flavonoids, steroids and terpenes. It is combined with Brunfelsia grandiflora (Manaca). A beautiful plant that is highly regarded in various healing traditions such as Vegetalismo practiced by the Shipibo and the Quechua-Lamista people of the Peruvian Amazon.

      Packaging material

      In our journey to create a product that is as sustainable as possible, we ended up with glass bottles instead of the plastic version. We strive to contribute as little as possible to the production of plastic (waste). We would like to ask everyone to keep the delivered Rapé jars. The jars can be used for other purposes. We are in the process of developing a recycling program for the glass bottles. It may happen that you still receive your Rapé in a plastic bottle. We are in the middle of the transition from plastic to glass. These are the last plastic bottles.

    • Strength ⭐️⭐️
      Tribe Nukini
      Origin Brazil
      Amount 10 grams

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