Magic Truffles Sclerotia Magic Truffles - Purple Rain  € 16,50
Magic Truffles Sclerotia Magic Truffles - Purple Rain  € 16,50 Magic Truffles Sclerotia Magic Truffles - Purple Rain  € 16,50

Sclerotia Magic Truffles - Purple Rain


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We live in such a beautiful world! The Purple Rain will help you make this beautiful place a tad nicer. The colors, the sounds, feelings and sense get a big boost so you will find yourself in a world of hallucinations, laughters and emotions. Happy Tripping!

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  • Superior Quality

    Effect: Very funny. Very strong visuals/hallucinations. A true "must have experienced" for the experienced psychonauts.
    Content: Fresh psilocybe sclerotia.

    Magic truffles are no mushrooms nor are they truffles. Magic truffles are sclerotia, 
    a fungus that
     grows under the ground between the hyphaeAlso called mycelium.

    15 grams

    Active substance

    When you use truffles, it’s best to do this in a safe and quiet environment. For beginners we recommend an half a dose to test your reactions. After about 45 minutes the substance psilocybin will begin to have his effect. Enjoy the magical wonders of the Mushrocks! 

    Truffels have the best effect when consumed on an empty stomach. Chew well and long for an enhanced effect.
    There is also a possibility to make tea by cutting the truffles into pieces and putting the pieces in hot water for 20 minutes.

    The truffles are vacuum sealed and best before 30 days. Storage: dark and between 2°C and 4°C.

    Download the flyer here:                          Read everything about our truffles here:


  • Effect Psychedelic

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