Kruid extracten Absinthe 10X Extract - 5 g € 15,95
Kruid extracten Absinthe 10X Extract - 5 g € 15,95

Absinthe 10X Extract - 5 g

Absinthe contains extract of wormwood. Wormwood gives a relaxed and peaceful feeling. It promotes creativity among some users; others boast the hallucinogenic reactions. Wormwood in combination with alcohol (absinth) or large quantites may result in hallucinogenic experiences. 

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Absinthe can give a peaceful and relaxing feeling. Absinthe in combination with alcohol or large quantities may result in hallucinogenic experiences. Absinthe contains few psychoactive substances, from which Thujone is the most important substance.

The structure of Thujone looks similar to THC. Other ingredients in Absinthe that have some psychoactive characteristics are: Coriander, Angelica, Calamus, and Nutmeg.

The substances on its own will not give you the psychoactive effects. The ingredients are all enhancers. These substances will enhance the psychoactive effect.

The effect will mostly be reached by the Thujone and the high alcohol percentage in the drink you use.


To make absint: add 5 gram to a bottle (0,7 liter) of vodka (or other alcoholized drink). Allow 2 weeks macerate. Strain the drink and it is ready for use. If you have made absinthe, try a small glass of the drink. Then wait an hour to perceive the effects.  
Tea: add 1 teaspoon to a cup of hot water and leave it for 15 minutes.

Wormwood is toxic; long terme use is strongly discouraged. 


5 grams

Artemisia Absinthium 10X extract 

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