Growing Magic Mushrooms with your Growkit

1. Wash your hands and fore arms 
(preferable antibacterial soap but normal soap will do)
2. Clean the area where you are going to work 
3. Work as clean as possible and don’t touch the mycelium with you bare hands
 (risk of contamination)

Step 1. Carefully pour 900 ml water in the grow kit and let it soak for 12 hours.
Step 2. After 12 hours, drain the water carefully.
Step 3. Pour 150 ml in the bag and put the plastic container with the mycelium on the layer of water.
Step 4. Spray water over de top layer and in the bag.
Step 5. Fill the bag with air and close the bag with the paperclip.
Step 6. Place the bag with the grow kit in a space with indirect lighting form outside and a constant temperature of 24-27 degrees

1ste flush MAINTANAINCE (after the set up)
1. Open the bag every 2-3 days and spray water over the grow kit and seal it with lots of air in the bag (duration 0-21 days)
2. Once you se the first pins of the mushroom appearing, spray water every 4- 5 days and add fresh air
3. Pluck the first mushrooms when you desire but always repeat the cleaning process before you start.

2nd and 3rd flush: repeat above process

The perfect Fruiting environment (100% grow guaranty)

1. Grow kit needs a constant temperature of 24-27 degrees. 
2. Open de bag every 3-4 days, mist in the bag and close the bag with fresh air.
3. Keep the grow kit wet, never let the mycelium dry out.
4. Perfect mushrooms grow best in a 12/12 routine. 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness.

- Lower or inconsistent temperatures will slow the growing process or break the mycelium.
- Treat the grow kit as if you would operate someone. Wash you hands and forearms before you touch work wit the grow kit.
- Never put the the grow kit in direct sunlight.
- Never let the mycelium dry out.
- Never touch the mycelium with unwashed and bare hands.


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