Herbs & Seeds Absinthe - 60 Capsules € 12,95
Herbs & Seeds Absinthe - 60 Capsules € 12,95

Absinthe - 60 Capsules

Absinthe can give a peaceful and relaxing feeling. Absinthe in combinaison with alcohol or large quantities may result in hallucinogenic experiences. Absinthe contains few psychoactive substances, from which Thujone is the most important substance. Content: 60 capsules

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Absinth Herbs

The structure of Thujone looks similar to THC. Other ingredients in Absinthe that have some psychoactive characteristics are: Coriander, Angelica, Calamus, and Nutmeg.

The substances on its own will not give you the psychoactive effects. The ingredients are all enhancers. These substances will enhance the psychoactive effect.

The effect will mostly be reached by the Thujone and the high alcohol percentage in the drink you use.


Take 2 capsules of Absinthe a day with a good glass of strong alcohol. Recommended taking these capsules on a mostly empty stomach to get the best effect.

Do not use regularly. Driving is not recommended if you are under the influence od Absinthe. An overdose can be dangerous.

Specifications Absinthe - 60 Capules

60 capsules

Artemesia Absinthium

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