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Copaiba Oil 10ml

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Copaiba oil can help your digestive system and also helps the body it’s immunesysten and nerve system. Only available in 10ml.

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  • Copaiba oil is derived from a tree. The tree can grow to over 30 meters and grows in the tropical forest in South America. Copaiba oil these days is also used for cosmetic products like soap, creames, lotions and perfume. The oil can be applied on the skin, but can also be taken internally. Taken internally the oil supports the immune system, digestion, the health of the cardiovascular, the nerve system and the respiratory system.

    Before use you have to dilute the oil. ½ Copaiba oil and the other ½ plant based/vegetable oil

    On the skin

    - apply several drops to the spot (2-4 drops)

    - apply several drops to chakras and vitaflex points

    Internal use

    - diffuse and directly inhale

    - add 1-3 drops to liquid and drink (water, tea or juice)

  • Effect Relaxing

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okt 3, 2018
Copaiba olie 10 ml
Topkwaliteit! Gebruik het zowel in- als uitwendig om ontstekingen en gewrichtspijn (succesvol!) te bestrijden. Ben ook rustiger en meer ontspannen in stressvolle situaties, maar helemaal niet suf. Het werkt ook enorm synergetisch met Cannabis!
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