Excellent for grinding your herbs. But even better for grinding your weed! Shred that delicious green gold into small pieces and put them in your joint, bong, pipe or vaporizer! We have grinders for everyone. From top quality metal grinders to robust cheap acrylic grinders. Which grinder are you going for? Happy Grinding!


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  • Card Grinders

    Are you looking for a subtle grinder that is easy to take with you? Go for a card grinder that easily fits in your wallet. The size is the same as a credit card. So you can do your herb grinding and when you are finished, you can hide it between all your other cards. Happy grinding!

  • Acrylic Grinders

    Solid acrylic grinders in different colors. Are you person who always has to throw away his grinder because you broke it? Then go for a grinder that is robust, light and cheap. They are available in different shapes and colors. Happy grinding!

  • Metal Grinders

    Top quality metal grinders can be found at Next Level! Go for a simple 2-part grinder or a 4-part grinder with storage space and wire mesh for collecting your precious kief. Good to make your herbs as fine as possible so you can put them inside your joint, bong, pipe or vaporizer. Happy Grinding!

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