Welcome to the Headshop of Next Level. The specialist in everything that has to do with smoking and cannabis. Here you can find bongs, pipes, vaporizers, grinders and storage of all shapes sizes and materials. The Headshop has is a big collection of scales, smoking accessories and CBD oils.

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  • Grinders

    Excellent for grinding your herbs. But even better for grinding your weed! Shred that delicious green gold into small pieces and put them in your joint, bong, pipe or vaporizer! We have grinders for everyone. From top quality metal grinders to robust cheap acrylic grinders. Which grinder are you going for? Happy Grinding!

  • Scales

    Weigh everything so exactly as you would like. This can be a decimal point or two decimal places. Scales are available in all shapes and sizes. From computer mice to drinking cans. Happy Weighing!

  • Smoking accessoires
  • Storage
  • Bongs

    The online place to get your bong. We have got you covered if you want to buy a bong. We have a wide range of different bongs in different sizes als materials. Happy smoking!

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