Black Friday Sales!

Black Friday is back and we have a few lovely discounts! How about some cheap Magic Truffles, Magic Mushroom Grow Kits, Rapé and Kratom? Our Black Friday sales are till 2 December. So enjoy these price cuts while you can!

Mandy - Pure Bliss Capsules

We want to show to you an amazing product and this one is a special one for us. It's an all-new Natural product for Extreme Energy and Bliss. It comes from America and there it's known as a natural 'Molly' replacement. Our team has been testing these capsules for crazy and guess what? They love it!

Now, we would also like you to try these out. That's why we have put them up for sale: from € 9,95 for € 7,-.

Great for a night out or a party at home! Remember, these sales do not last.... Enjoy them while you can!

Budget Truffles | Psilocybe Nirvana

15 Grams now for 8,95!

Especially for the hardcore psychedelic lovers: Psilocybe Nirvana. This truffle strain is a must-have for every experienced psychonaut who is looking for a new, exciting and unique trip.

Several Kratom strains

25 grams now for 4,50
50 grams now for 7,45
100  grams now for 14.95
500 grams now for
1000 grams for 85.40

Several Rapé Kinds

Also on the following Rapé: 09 Puyanawa, 27 Herbal Mix, 32 Imburana Cumaru and 38 de Guarana! €14,95 instead of €20,-*

*Discounts only online!

10 grams jar now for 14,95

Magic Mushroom Mexican Grow Kit

Discount on the Mexican Grow Kit. Available in 1200cc and 2100cc.