Mate de Coca

Mate de Coca is a herbal tea made from the leaves of the Peruvian coca plant. Mate de Coca has been used since the Incas. The leaves are collected, dried and finely ground into powder. Mate de Coca is pure nature! It contains only finely ground coca leaves. The main benefits from coca tea are the are mainly the result of phytonutrients as well as vitamin C, vitamin E and the vitamin B family.

Benefits of coca tea

This powerful tea is an amazing natural product to give you a boost at any moment of the day. This can help people overcome fatigue and it can help you elevate your performance and behavior. A few cups of coca tea per day will give you a mountain of energy. The vitamin B in the tea stimulates your metabolism and in this way the tea helps you burn more calories during the day.
Coca tea is also known to sooth the stomachaches. Often people chew on coca leaves to sooth the stomach. The same effect can be reached by drinking coca tea. It will help you overcome, fatigue, throwing up and diarrhea when the tea is drunken more often.
It is said that the vitamins that the coca tea contains, supports your immune system and will give it a boost. One of those vitamins is vitamin C. Vitamin C can stimulate the production of white blood cells en can prevents infections in the body.
In the Andes mountain rage, coca tea is consumed a lot by the people living there. They use it to counter altitude sickness. It is common that people get fatigue and lightheaded in the mountains. Coca tea is a good to sooth these symptoms. A handful of benefits from a powerful natural product!


Take a teaspoon of powder and let it boil for several minutes in boiled water, or add it to a fruit juice or custard.

Nutritional values:
Leaves of the Coca plant contain the following vitamins and minerals, per 100 grams:


Vitamine A: 
Vitamine B1:
Vitamine B3: 
Vitamine B6: 
Vitamine C: 
Vitamine E: 

0.5 mg
24 mg
2097 mg
36 mg
911 mg
5 mg
405 mg
1110 mg
19.9 mg
16.6 mg
0.8 mg
1.7 mg
0.8 mg
2 mg
53 mg
4 mg