Back in the days warriors used Kanna. Many warriors had a lot of stress, fear and depression. They used Kanna to get rid of these issues they had to face.

It is known that Kanna can give you a positive boost and reduce the feeling of stress and tension and stops your appetite. A low dosage can give you a euphoric feeling and a high dosage can give you a numb feeling. The euphoric feeling can give people more confidence, what will help people being more social in their social environment. People describe the numb feeling as: emotional disinterest. The users of Kanna can feel disconnected from their emotions in situations where they normally feel connected with their emotions. This can be both pleasant and unpleasant depending on the person. The numb feeling can also result in relaxing the mind and the muscles. In this state, concentration and focus can be decreased.
The effects of Kanna will depend on the state of mind you are in and the environment. Sceletium tortuosum needs natural serotonin to work. The herb ensures that it doesn’t break down the neurotransmitter, but it also won’t produce new stocks. That’s why it’s better to use Kanna when you are already doing activities that make you happy.

Kanna can be used in many ways. A common way is to make tea out of it. It can also be used as a snuff, you can smoke it or chew it. When you u use it as a snuff your body will absorb it faster. You can also let the effect slip in slowly by chewing it or by drinking it as a tea. Just keep in mind that you use the right dosage. For example, don’t sniff the dosage that you normally use to make tea.

How to use it and the effect

Kanna as a tea

The dosage for tea is 200-500mg of Kanna for a cup of tea. You can experiment a bit to a dosage of 2 grams. Just notice that a really strong dosage can lead to nausea, having visuals and dizziness. Kanna tea can be consumed on an empty stomach to absorb it better. The tea will give you a relaxed and soothing feeling. It takes up to 90 minutes till you feel it, but the effect can hold for a couple of hours.

Smoke Kanna

The dosage for smoking Kanna is 50-500mg. Commonly used is 100-250mg. Compared to the Kanna tea, smoking Kanna will give you faster results. Within an hour you will feel the effect of being a bit stoned and ‘trippy’. Kanna also helps to increase the effect of cannabis and alcohol so be careful with combining those products. Kanna can also be smoked with other herbs like: damiana, blue lotus, wild dagga, tongkat ali and ginseng.

Chew Kanna

The dosage for chewing Kanna is 50-150mg for a mild effect and 200-400 mg for a n average effect. You can put Kanna in a piece of chewing gum to chew on it.

Sniff Kanna

Not the shredded but the powder Kanna can be used as a snuff. Usually you can use between the 50 – 150 mg, but you will be able to feel the effect already with 20 mg. With this usage of Kanna, you will be able to feel the euphoric effect within a couple of minutes and can last up to an hour or more. After that it will change into a relaxing effect.

It is possible that some people wont feel the effect of sniffing powdered Kanna the first time. It can be different the next dosage. This is called priming: When you use Kanna a couple of days after eachother you will increase the effect of it.