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Banisteriopsis Caapi - Red Vine - Peru

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The Banisteriopsis Caapi vine. It is a sacred brew that has been known for decades as a means to enter divine worlds. The Caapi vine comes from Peru. You can choose between shredded and whole form.

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100 grams, Caapi Whole 17,50
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100 grams, Caapi Shredded 17,50
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200 grams (bulk), Caapi Whole 35,95
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200 grams (bulk), Caapi Shredded 35,95
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500 grams (bulk), Caapi Whole 46,50
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500 grams (bulk), Caapi Shredded 46,50
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1000 grams (bulk), Caapi Whole 71,95
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1000 grams (bulk), Caapi Shredded 71,95
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    • Banisteriopsis Caapi - Red Vine (Muricata)

      Banisteriopsis caapi is a South American vine from the Malpighiaceae family. When you order at Next Level, you get high-quality Caapi from good sources, free from pesticides or herbicides and prepared in the traditional way by those who know the plant well.

      Each tribe has a unique origin myth related to the vine. Most names mean "vine of the souls" or "vine of the dead" because it is believed that the deceased on the vines climb to heaven. This fits well with the common motif of the "World Tree" or "Axis Mundi". The roots are the underworld, the tribe the middle world or the kingdom of man, and the canopy would be symbolic for the ethereal kingdom. Many have a story about how an ancient ancestor received the vine from a god. Then it was given to all people for healing.

      Family: Malpighiaceae
      Gender: Banisteriopsis
      Species: caapi, inebriens, caapi, inebriens

      The Herb here is strictly offered as a botanical specimen.

      B. Caapi contains MAO-inhibiting substances. This means that it can be very dangerous in combination with certain foods or other psychoactive substances that in themselves are completely harmless when taken.

    • Strength ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
      Type Muricata / Red
      Effect MAO Inhibitor
      Form Shredded
      Origin Peru

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